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Alumni Engagement Solution

Alumni Perks is every school’s

alumni engagement solution.

The ALUMNI PERKS program allows Alumni Associations to stay connected with graduates and engage with Alumni to maximize data accuracy by rewarding them with exclusive access to VIP perks.


Alumni Perks provides alumni associations a complete suite of engagement tools to help stay connected with Alumni by rewarding them with exclusive access to VIP perks, contests, events and more.

Grow alumni engagement.

Want to offer your grads 10% off at the campus bookstore or run an alumni contest for a pair of tickets to a big sporting event? No problem! Our platform makes posting discounts and running contests for alumni a breeze.

It’s all about the numbers.

Know what’s most important to your alumni. Our content management system allows our customers to offer real-time reporting on alumni PERKS registrations and record updates, discount usage, contest entries, and much more.

Put your brand in their hands.

With PERKS, your alumni can access your custom branded website and app. And, they can show their digital alumni card whenever and wherever they are.



Discover what our customers are saying about Alumni Perks.

Alumni PERKS has truly transformed the way we engage with our graduates at Humber College.The user-friendly interface and robust features make it a powerful tool for creating opportunities for sustained connection with our alumni. With Alumni PERKS, we’ve not only been able to update more than 10,000 alumni records, but we have also managed to create new engagement opportunities that have significantly improved our productivity and efficiency.

What I appreciate most about Alumni PERKS is its constant focus on growing the platform and providing their customers with new and diverse tools to engage graduates. In addition, the development team is dedicated to improving the software, and any questions I’ve had were promptly addressed. It’s reassuring to know that the company behind the software values its users.

I highly recommend Alumni PERKS to anyone looking for an effective solution to engage their alumni audience more deeply. It’s made my work life so much easier, and I can’t imagine going back to the old way of doing things.

Tim Ambrose
Director, Alumni Engagement

Western Alumni is dedicated to enhancing the experiences and opportunities available to our graduates. Through our partnership with JWA Group and the launch of our Purple Perks platform and mobile app, we have been able to provide an easily accessible way for Western alumni to stay connected with us.

JWA Group facilitated a seamless adoption of the platform, and Jay Abbott and the staff team there continue to provide excellent and timely support. The response times to inquiries are typically within minutes or hours, and they consistently demonstrate a commitment to excellence in every aspect of their offerings.

Their staff show a genuine interest in understanding our needs and tailoring their product to offer better engagement with our alumni. They continually seek and add new options and offerings that keep the platform fresh and relevant.

The platform is very user-friendly, allowing us to easily showcase all the ways alumni can engage with us and take advantage of the opportunities we offer. It has great promotional capabilities that we can utilize to enhance the work of our communications team. Since the platform's launch, we have updated or added new contact information for thousands of alumni in our database. We are able to provide metrics on platform usage by reporting on member sign-ups, demographics, activity, and tracking offers, in minutes.

We have received and continue to receive positive feedback from our alumni regarding their user experience and the ease of use.

I look forward to seeing what new and exciting enhancements and options are yet to come!

Jacquie Rose
Manager, Alumni Partnerships

The JWA Group Alumni Perks platform has become an integral part of our connection with new graduates and alumni at York University. It provides a seamless way for us to showcase our Alumni Perks consistently, easily accessible, and with great promotional capabilities. With its user-friendly interface, we no longer solely rely on our communications team's expertise. We now have the flexibility to test new offers, and campaign to see what tracks. In less than two years, we have significantly increased the number of perks available to our alumni, generating immense interest and attracting an average of 500+ new registered alumni users every month. From the start, Jay Abbott and the entire JWA team have been responsive to our inquiries and continually work to enhance the value of the platform for us, the alumni engagement team, and the alumni community we serve. I am extremely satisfied with our decision to partner with JWA in supporting our alumni engagement goals. There is no turning back now!

Melanie McLean
Affinity Business Planner

Since enhancing our existing Perks program utilizing the Alumni Perks platform, we have increased engagement and improved our data accuracy significantly. A great tool for any Alumni Association.

Jodelle Medeiros
Alumni Relations Officer

It is my pleasure to recommend not only JWA as a vendor but, more specifically, the Perks job board feature, based on our positive experience with their products and services at Lethbridge College. As an early adopter of this feature, we have been thoroughly impressed with the functionality, ease of use, and exceptional support provided by JWA.

Lethbridge College launched Perks in 2020, and earlier this year, we expanded our suite of offerings to include the job board feature. This has proven to be an invaluable addition to our programming, filling a crucial gap in our services related to career development. Since implementing the Perks job board, we have witnessed a significant uptick in engagement from both job seekers and employers. The platform's user-friendly interface and ease of use have contributed to its success, attracting interest and participation from our community. This added feature seamlessly integrated with our existing tools, providing a comprehensive solution for our evolving alumni needs.

One of the most impressive features is the remarkable level of support we have received from the JWA team. They are proactive, supportive, and wholly invested in the success of their product and the needs of their partners. Their responsiveness to queries and dedication to addressing any concerns or challenges we encounter have been instrumental in ensuring the seamless integration and ongoing success of the Perks platform.

In conclusion, we wholeheartedly endorse JWA as a vendor and commend their commitment to delivering a high-quality product and outstanding customer service. We believe that the job board feature, along with all the other amazing products they offer, will continue to be an asset for Lethbridge College and any other institutions seeking a reliable and effective tool for alumni engagement.

Stephanie Savage
Manager, Alumni & Engagement

Alumni Perks is a fantastic platform that we leverage to engage our grads by offering them valuable benefits and discounts that are exclusive to them. It is a great way for alumni to stay connected and for our team to connect with them.

We look forward to taking advantage of more opportunities with the platform to deepen and grow our value proposition with our alumni community.

JWA Group has been great to work with and I highly recommend them and the Alumni PERKS platform.

Lisa Jung
Director, Alumni Relations

Vancouver Island University has been working with the Alumni Perks platform since we launched in early 2020. It has provided us with a great tool to engage with our alumni via the perks app or the web-based version. The tools that are continually being added to the platform (inbox, job posting board, and marketplace) have helped us attract more alumni to sign up which allows us to engage and connect with more and more alumni. Alumni Perks has also provided us with a great platform to be able to partner with numerous local Vancouver Island businesses and organizations who provide discounts and offerings to our alumni. I highly recommend this platform to help you engage with your alumni.

Liette Masse
Manager, Alumni & Donor Relations


Alumni Perks, and EAi, a leader in Alumni research and consulting are pleased to round out their respective value proposition for clients by forging a strategic collaborative partnership.

This mutually collaborative relationship will enable Alumni Teams of all sizes to experience an end-to-end solution for intentional and targeted engagement. From concept, strategy, data collection, macro, and real time pulse surveys, Alumni Teams and their members will have line of sight to real value, and actionable data.

To learn how this strategic end to end solution can benefit your team or to book a consultation / demo, please contact [email protected].